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Courtney Love has always been willing to share her thoughts, but now she'll be going into much greater detail. 

"Rolling Stone" says a source at Macmillan Publishers has confirmed that the rocker will release her memoirs early next year. 

The book - reportedly titled "Courtney Love: My Story" - was rumored to be on track to hit shelves this December thanks to a release date posted on its product page. The publishers say that date is inaccurate, but have yet to offer anything more specific than early 2014 when it comes to "My Story's" release. 

The Amazon page also says the book will cover Love's "tragic romance" with Kurt Cobain as well as relationships with Billy Corgan, Trent Reznor, and Edward Norton.  But she's expected to discuss more than just her love life, offering "unique insights" into the modern rock culture and detailing a life story that the publisher says is "too crazy not to be true." 

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