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Jack White says his cover of the U2 classic "Love Is Blindness" is a perfect fit for Baz Luhrmann's big screen adaptation of "The Great Gatsby." 

The track is featured on the film's soundtrack, which arrives in stores today.  White tells Rolling Stone he could imagine his "almost violent" take in "hundreds of different scenarios," adding that he kept coming back to it during brainstorming sessions with the soundtrack's executive producer, Jay-Z.  But White says he's been drawn to the closing track on U2's "Achtung Baby" ever since it was released back in 1991.  He says he listened to the entire album a lot, and frequently put "Love Is Blindness" on repeat. 

White first recorded "Love Is Blindness" in 2011 for the "Achtung Baby" 20th anniversary album, "Ahk-toong Bay-bi Covered."  He says he usually doesn't like doing that type of project, but he made an exception after getting to know U2 guitarist The Edge during the filming of the documentary "It Might Get Loud."  Plus, he told them he'd only get on board if he could do "Love Is Blindness."