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(Yahoo!) - Wowza! Bruce Springsteen has still got it at 64.

The superstar singer was spotted on a beach in Rio on Friday completely shirtless, showing off his buff bod, and we'd say his six-pack doesn't look a day over 34!

From frolicking in the water to hanging out with a few fellow vacationers, the birthday boy (who turned 64 on Monday) seemed to have more energy than ever.

So how has he maintained his great shape after all these years?

The rocker told the New Yorker in July 2012, "Think of it this way: performing is like sprinting while screaming for three, four minutes. And then you do it again. And then you do it again. And then you walk a little, shouting the whole time. And so on. Your adrenaline quickly overwhelms your conditioning."

His childhood friend and E Street Band guitarist Steven Van Zandt, also chimed in on his pal's physique to Rolling Stone magazine that same month.

Check out the video to hear how Bruce Springsteen keeps his buff beach body:

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