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Mott The Hoople guitarist Mick Ralphs says it's possible the band has played its last shows. 

The rocker tells that after the band's 40th anniversary reunion in 2009, he and frontman Ian Hunter wanted to do more, but "the other guys weren't sure."  He adds that four years then passed before they got the band back together again, so he has "no idea" if anything will follow their recent UK tour. 

But Ralphs also admits he's "never had a plan" regarding his career, but simply tried to "get with the people you like to play with, and try to do the best you can." 

Mott The Hoople did document the final concerts of their latest reunion tour.  The CD/DVD set "Mott The Hoople: Live 2013" features highlights from the band's shows in November in London and Manchester, England.  The three-disc set is slated for release later this month. 

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