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Fifty years after their U.S. debut, The Beatles still have plenty of fans on this side of the Atlantic.  The Fab Four have captured the top spot in the latest Harris Poll list of America's Favorite Musical Artists, after landing in a third place tie with Elvis Presley in 2010. 

This year Elvis is taking second place, while Beyonce makes her debut on the list in third place.  Led Zeppelin, who also missed the cut four years ago, has the number four spot.  Country star George Strait - who ranked seventh in 2010 - now rounds out the top five.  The 2010 list leader, Celine Dion, has fallen to seventh place, and is tied with Neil Diamond, the Eagles, and Garth Brooks. 

The Beatles' popularity also cross political and geographic boundaries.  The band is a favorite among Republicans, Democrats, and Independents, as well as for those in the East, South,and West.  Midwesterners give the nod to Bruno Mars, who ranks sixth on the list overall. 

The Beatles are also the favorite among men and adults ages 50 to 68.  However, Beyonce is number one among women and adults 37 and younger, while the 38-to-49-year-olds name Metallica as the favorite.  Those over the age of 68 prefer Willie Nelson.  

America's Favorite Musical Artist 

1. The Beatles 
2. Elvis Presley 
3. Beyonce 
4. Led Zeppelin 
5. George Strait 
6. Bruno Mars 
7. TIE - Neil Diamond, the Eagles, Celine Dion, Garth Brooks 

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