Def Leppard Launching "Hysteria" In Vegas This Weekend


There are some songs on "Hysteria" that the band has  never performed live before

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Def Leppard's Phil Collen says fans are in for a real treat with the  band's Las Vegas residency.  He tells "Las Vegas Weekly" that the band has  prepared more than 30 songs for the engagement, so the concerts will be  different every night.  Def Leppard's "Viva Hysteria!" is a two-part  show.  Collen explains that they've dug deep into their catalog, and will  be rolling out a lot of rarities for their opening set, which will then be  followed by full performances of their 1987 album.  The guitarist adds that  there are some songs on "Hysteria" that the band has never performed live  before.  Collen says he's excited about the run, because "it's all brand  new" for them.  He also believes that "fans, especially die-hard fans, are  just going to freak when they hear some of these  songs."

Def Leppard is launching "Viva Hysteria!" at  The Joint at the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino Friday night.  The band will  give eleven performances, wrapping up their run on April 13th.  And fans  who can't get to Vegas to see the band live might still get a chance to check  out a show.  Collen tells that the band will be  recording the concerts for an upcoming live  release.

Show dates for Def Leppard's "Viva Hysteria!"  at The Joint at Las Vegas' Hard Rock Hotel &  Casino:

Friday, March  22
Saturday, March 23
Wednesday,  March 27
Friday, March 29
Saturday,  March 30
Wednesday, April 3
Friday,  April 5
Saturday, April 6
Wednesday,  April 10
Friday, April 12
Saturday,  April 13


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