So yesterday I was looking for a place for lunch.  When you hear the word Choctaw you think far.  Can I tell you it's not.  I have a friend that recently took a job at a church out there, and he was telling me about this hot dog place called Spicy Dawg.  He said he goes there all of the time, and it's awesome.  I'm totally a sucker for some good onion rings.  Can I tell you this place had the best onion rings I've had in years.

It's in the Choctaw Plaza Shopping Center on NE 23rd Street in Choctaw, can I tell you it's freaking awesome.  Along with my delicious onion rings I had one of their signature dishes called the Spicy Dog.  OMG it was awesome.

It was like a Chicago dog with a kick.  But I'm also a sucker for pepperoni and it's on the dog.  

Oh, they also do discounts for all military, first responders and senior citizens too.  Do yourself a favor and check this place out.

Next trip, I'm getting the bacon wrapped splitter.