It's Jrod, and it's no secret, I LOVE Halloween.  My sister was even married on Halloween.  Happy Anniversary by the way sis.  Anyway, so I started the tradition years ago of office trick or treating.  I literally dress in a costume, and go from desk to desk, office door to office door looking for treats.  The reason why you ask??  I don't have any children yet.  So while most of the people around me have kids, here I am missing out on all of the fun on the one holiday I love the most just because I don't have any yet.  Well I don't think that's fair, and the people in my office don't seem to mind.  In fact I made a movie trailer to tell them I was coming today.  See that post HERE

Today, all prepped and ready to go.  I grab another co worker and make him get a bag and we taped the office trick or treating.  We didn't ask for candy, it was just for the fun of doing it.  But they must have watched my video because almost everyone had something for us.  We really do have the best staff I've ever worked with.  I know I do a LOT of crazy things, and they just roll with it.  I'm lucky for that because I really wouldn't want to get my a$$ kicked.

Thanks for playing along guys and gals.  So here is how my office experience went today for Halloween.  Cue the scary music.