Pearl Jam's 'Ten' becomes 22nd album to sell 10M copies


It's the 22nd record to pass the mark since Nielsen  Soundscan began tracking sales in 1991

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Pearl Jam's landmark  debut Ten can now change its name to ten-million.  According to, the grunge classic is now the newest member of the  ten-million-sellers club.  It's the 22nd record to pass the mark since  Nielsen Soundscan began tracking sales in 1991, the same year Ten was  released.

Last week, the album sold another four-thousand copies, which brings it's  grand total to about one-thousand copies over ten-million, and  counting.

But Ten still has a long way to go before it catches up with the  best-selling SoundScan era release.  Metallica's self-titled smash, also  released in 1991, tops the list with sales of more than 15-million.



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