If there's one thing you can say about Robin Williams, it's that he cared about his fans until the very end. 21-year-old New Zealand native Vivian Waller was diagnosed with lung, colon and liver cancer. She was diagnosed back in January and was eventually moved into hospice care. As part of her bucket list, she wanted to meet her idol, Robin Williams.

According to TheIndependent, she was too sick to travel to the United States, but Robin Williams got wind of her list and sent a sweet video message to Waller and her family. "Hi Vivian, it’s Robin Williams here, saying: Hey girl, what’s going on there down in New Zealand?" he said to the camera, putting on a New Zealand accent. "Sending all my love to you, Jack and Sophie. Mark this off your bucket list." "I said: Hey, hey, hey. What’s going on?" he continues. "It’s all right, ‘sall right, ‘sall right. I’m just channelling Matthew McConaughey." "Much love to you baby!" he signed the message off with, blowing a kiss into the camera.

Vivian's husband, Jack, hasn't told his wife that Williams had committed suicide, but the decision to share the video was an easy one. The family "love him, we want to show people how awesome a person he was." Awesome, indeed.