We are taking calls about people and their heros from the May 20th storm that hit Moore Oklahoma.  There are a lot of stories coming in and people are doing their part to help their fellow man.

-We had a mother call in about the Agapeland Learning center in Moore that was right next to the 7 Eleven that got demolished.  A teacher at the learning center actually grabbed a little girls leg and kept her from gettting sucked into the tornado.  But now, after the storm has passed, all of the teachers have lost their jobs (destroyed in the tornado), cars, and most lived right close to the learning center.  So they've set up  a fund at BOK that they posted on their Facebook page where you can donate to help the few that saved so many.  Get that link....CLICK HERE


-Another story we had was about Cheri Price, 2nd grade teacher  from Townsend Elementary.  There is a Facebook page where her picture has turned up.  The facebook page is desigend for the people of Moore and the surrounding areas who find pictures of from Monday's tragic storm,  they say if you find some pictures you need to upload them to this facebook page so the owners can get their pictures back.  Get that link to their Facebook page....CLICK HERE

We want to hear more of your hero stories.  You can share them below in our comments section.