I remember as a kid, hearing the news of the death of Randy Rhoads' death.  It's hard to believe it was 32 years ago today that he died in a plane crash.  The guy was afraid of planes.  So why he was on the plane nobody will ever know.  I remember telling my friends and family I wanted to play guitar like him.  I had 2 people that influenced me.  Kirk Hammett of Metallica and Randy Rhoads.  I actually got to tell Kirk he was an inspiration, but would never get the chance to tell Randy Rhodes. 

I still play guitar today.  But it's funny, I can still remember opening up the vinyl double package of the Tribute album.  I would just look at the art work, and think I was going to be able to play like that someday.  Some years have passed, and I still can't play like Randy Rhoads.  I can pick with the best of them.  Just not like Randy.  He was one of a kind.

I found the whole album on youtube, and you can listen when you get a second.  You can hear the passion he played with come through the speakers.  Takes me back to Cincinnati in my parents basement listening to it with my headphones on.  Good times, but for sure still miss his talent.