I knew they came with names, like the Rascal and what not.  But I didn't know when you purchased an adult toy that you were supposed to name it.  Is this normal??

So I stumbled across the top names celebrities have for their viberators, and some are funny, others will make you sick to your stomach. (you'll know it when you read it)

Kim Kardashian: Baby Black Jesus

Snooki: Small Situation

Miley Cyrus: Molly

Selena Gomez: The Belieber (maybe a little gross since now she may be dating a guy from One Direction.....Jeeze, that one names itself LOL)

Joan Rivers: Plastic Man (gross)

Lady Gaga: Little Monster

Lindsay Lohan: Fire Rocket

Rihanna: Baby Blunt

Jennifer Lopez: The Back Up Plan

Mariah Carey: Dream Lover

Katy Perry: Da Mayer (kind of has a ring to it, like Da Bulls)

last but not least....

Kate Milddleton: The Royal Flush


If you know of any others, make sure you put them in the comment section below.