I freaking LOVE this.  A friend came in this morning and told me about this video, which for some reason I haven't seen yet.  Driving like an idiot is a big trigger for me.  I'm more of a defensive driver, and really hate it when someone feels like it's okay for them to be a bully on the road.  The last time it snowed, I got stuck at a light in my little car.  The guy in the big truck behind me kept pushing up on my rear end (that sounds dirty lol). I couldn't move and the light turned red again.  when the light turned green, again I was having problems.  The truck again pressed up on me.  Then when I got stuck again, he pulled to the side of my car.  Got out, gave me the finger, got back in his truck and went through the light.  I get it, you drive a big vehicle, but it doesn't mean it's cool to ride someone's rear and try and push your way through traffic.  Especially when the driver can't do anything about it.

Instant karma and I'm glad the guy driving the truck wasn't hurt, but don't act like that on the road.  I will warn you, like in my story, there is a Finger Flipping in this video.  Just a heads up.