Guns N Roses - 10/23/19 - Chesapeake Energy Arena

Chesapeake Energy Arena

Guns N’ Roses fans rejoiced when Axl, Slash, and Duff reunited for theNot In This Lifetime Tourback in 2016. Since their unbelievable return, the rock icons have performed150+ shows for over 5 million fansinstadiums, arenas,and as partof festivals worldwide.Last year the bandmade history by performing in Hawaii for the first time ever at Honolulu’s Aloha Stadium. They have dominated 14stadiumsand heldfive summer festival headlining slotsaround the worldas part ofthemonumentalrun.The European dates in 2018alone brought the mind-blowing stage show to over750,000 fans. Produced and promoted by Live Nation, thetourhas become one of the highest grossing and most successfuloutingsof all time. 

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