Man Robs A Bank To Get Away From His Wife

A Kansas man named Lawrence Ripple, 70, pleaded guilty this week to robbing a bank in order to escape living with his wife. He took responsibility for the September robbery Monday as part of a deal reached with prosecutors. The FBI affidavit in support of a robbery charge states the suspect "wrote out his demand note in front of his wife ... and told her he'd rather be in jail than at home." Ripple's wife said he had become angry when she reminded him that the clothes dryer needed to be repaired. Ripple was released on bond after the robbery and was accompanied to court by his wife Monday, but they declined to comment to reporters. The judge said a sentencing date will be set following a pre-sentencing investigation. Ripple faces up to 20 years in prison and a fine of up to $250,000 for the crime.


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