Corey Taylor Talks About Depression

Corey Taylor has no problem talking about his past battles with addiction. While he seems to have that problem handled, the rocker does still deal with bouts of "severe" depression. As he explains, he tries to keep busy to "keep the emotions at bay." 

"I try to stay healthy as much as possible. I've tried to cut out all the negative shit in my life, as far as chemicals, boozing, all that sh*t," Taylor says. "I've tried to focus on the sh*t that matters, which is my career, my kids, my creativity, and just trying to stay healthy enough, because I want to be able to do them for a very long time."

That being said, the Slipknot and Stone Sour frontman admits it doesn't always work. When the depression kicks in, it's not always simple. Since he is an addict, he explains he tries to deal with it as "naturally as possible." "I know that sounds very hippie-like," Taylor admits, "but when you know yourself, and you know the habits that you can slip into so easily, you have to find alternatives. ... And I also still do therapy."


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