PHOTOS: 23 Actors Who Are Also In Bands

Perhaps in need of yet another creative outlet, some actors double as musicians. Scroll on to find out which actors — from Penn Badgley to Joe Keery to Jada Pinkett Smith and beyond — are also in bands!

1. Penn Badgley - Mothxr

Photo: Getty Images

2. Ryan Gosling - Dead Man's BonesPhoto: Getty Images

3. Zooey Deschanel - She & HimPhoto: Getty Images

4. Jared Leto - Thirty Seconds to MarsPhoto: Getty Images

5. Darren Criss - Computer GamesPhoto: Rachel Kaplan for iHeartRadio

6. Johnny Depp - Hollywood VampiresPhoto: Getty Images

7. Jada Pinkett Smith - Wicked WisdomPhoto: Getty Images

8. Jack Black - Tenacious DPhoto: Getty Images

9. Russell Crowe - 30 Odd Foot of GruntsPhoto: Getty Images

10. Kevin Bacon - The Bacon BrothersPhoto: Getty Images

11. Jason Schwartzman - Phantom Planet/Coconut RecordsPhoto: Getty Images

12. Steve Martin - Steep Canyon RangersPhoto: Getty Images

13. Adrian Grenier - Lead Singer for Kid Friendly and Drummer for The Honey BrothersPhoto: Getty Images

14. Ed Westwick - The Filthy YouthPhoto: Getty Images

15. Taylor Momsen - Pretty RecklessPhoto: Getty Images

16. Michael Cera - The Long GoodbyePhoto: Getty Images

17. Juliette Lewis - Juliette & The LicksPhoto: Getty Images

18. Keanu Reeves - DogstarPhoto: Getty Images

19. Adam Brody - Big JapanPhoto: Getty Images

20. Macaulay Culkin - The Pizza UndergroundPhoto: Getty Images

21. Ezra Miller - Sons of an Illustrious FatherPhoto: Getty Images

22. Joe Keery - Post Animal

Photo: Getty Images

23. Dylan Minnette - The Wallows

Photo: Getty Images


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