State Of The Union Drinking Game Rules

President Trump's first State of the Union address is upon us tonight which means there's a drinking game to go along with it. "Red Eye," a publication put out by the "Chicago Tribune," has some of the rules. Take a drink whenever Trump talks about the electoral college, says a variation of "people are saying more and more" or "we're bringing something back or making something bigger than ever."

Here are the full rules:

Take one drink whenever…

  • Trump strikes his goofy “thumps up” pose
  • Trump mentions his electoral college win and/or the size of his inauguration crowd
  • Trump spreads his arms out
  • Trump says some variation of “People are saying, more and more”
  • Trump talks about “bringing X back, folks” or “making Y bigger than ever” (e.g. jobs, stock market, State of the Union speeches, democracy)
  • Kellyanne Conway scares you
  • You notice the size of Trump’s hands
  • The camera cuts to Barron Trump

Take two drinks whenever…

  • Trump guarantees something: “I promise you”
  • Trump insults someone
  • Trump botches his delivery
  • There’s a standing ovation
  • Pundits make some reference to Trump “becoming presidential”
  • Melania looks completely disaffected
  • Finish your drink whenever…
  • Trump makes a “You’re fired” reference

Trump does the thing where he instructs no one in particular to “turn off the cameras in the back” so he can say something about the “nasty media”

  • Trump otherwise begins to blatantly ad-lib
  • Take a shot whenever...
  • Trump drinks a beverage using both hands
  • You notice Trump’s hairpiece move
  • Tiffany Trump shows up

The State of the Union address is at 8 pm.


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