How Many Times Do You Wear Underwear Before You Wash Them?

One in five people wear their underwear at least twice before washing it, says new research. The study, conducted by Banana Moon Clothing, looked at how often people wash their clothing and how long they think they can get away with wearing dirty clothes. Men are worse than women for repeatedly wearing dirty underwear, with nearly 31% of men confessing to wearing them twice or more before washing, compared to only 10% of women. A further 4% of men even admitted to wearing their underwear inside out to get more usage, compared to 2% of women. For general clothing items, the results were mixed, with people admitting to wearing coats 8 times, jeans 5 times and shirts, blouses and dresses 2 times before washing them. Almost 17% of men also admitted to having never washed their ties.


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