Americans Like To Binge Drink? Well Duh

We had to share the news during the biggest binge drinking time of year, the NCAA Tournament and the day before St. Patrick’s Day! The CDC report reveals that U.S. adults consumed over 17 billion binge drinks in 2015. To break it down, that's about 470 binge drinks per binge drinker.

Binge drinking is defined as consuming five or more drinks for men and four or more drinks for women, in a two hour time frame. The research shows that one in six, or 37 million adults binge drink about once a week, consuming an average of seven drinks per instance.

Where does the over-imbibing take place most? Arkansas, Mississippi, Kentucky, and Hawaii. Here’s the shocker… it happens the least here: Washington, D.C., New Jersey, New York, and Washington State.

More than half of the binge drinks consumed each year were by adults 35-years-old and older. Binge drinking has many risks including reckless driving, risky sexual behavior, violent behavior and long-term health issues. 


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