Refillable Beer Bottles Are Making A Comeback

Oregon is kind of a trendsetter when it comes to beer. Portland was recognized one of America’s first great beer cities and the state is fourth in breweries per capita. And now Oregon is ahead of the curve again as they launch what’s said to be the country’s first statewide reusable beer bottle program.

The idea seems novel, but reusing glass bottles used to be the thing until the 1930s when brewers started switching to single-use bottles. But now people are interested in less waste and the ecological benefits of reusable items, so it makes sense that Oregon is leading the way.

Starting in July, seven breweries in the state are going to test the program and see how it goes. The bottles are heavier and are supposed to be durable enough to be reused 40 to 50 times. And drinkers don’t even have to do anything different with these empties - they go to the same redemption centers as single-use bottles and they’ll pick them out and reuse them. So it’s easy for beer lovers and better for the planet.


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