Some Of The Craziest Things People Try To Return To Target

We love shopping at Target and just one of the many reasons is that their return policy covers most unopened items for 90 days. Of course, that lenient policy leads some customers to take advantage and Target employees have seen all kinds of ridiculous returns shoppers have tried to make. Business Insider asked 22 Target team members what some of the strangest items people attempted to bring back were and here are some of the most bizarre.

  • An entire lawn set - “Someone ordered an entire lawn set online and brought it in on a U-Haul to return it.”
  • A bag of unopened chips - They said they were supposed to be served at a party but didn’t get opened.
  • A single banana - Why even bother bringing this back?
  • Items purchased from other stores - An employee says someone tried to bring back “multiple clothing items from Walmart” and another worker says a shopper successfully returned a shirt that had been worn, washed and reeked of cigarettes, and it was a brand Target doesn’t even carry, but they took it back anyway and just threw it away.
  • Suspicious bed sheets - Someone returned three sets of the same sheets he said his wife bought too many of and the sheets were $150 apiece, so he exchanged them for a $450 camera. “He didn’t have the receipt,” the five-year employee says. “He bought those sheets from a second-hand store.”
  • A useless Xbox - A shopper returned an Xbox without a console.
  • An opened box of condoms
  • Action figures that had been put back in the wrong cases
  • A suit with an ornament in the pocket
  • And perhaps the biggest abuse of the 90 day return policy - Someone returned $400 in Christmas decorations … in late February.


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