Get Less Of A Hangover With These Healthier Alcohols

While some really can rosé all day, most of us wake up feeling like crap the next day when we do. But we like spending summer nights sipping on rooftops as much as anyone, so here are some new drinks that can help you avoid the hangovers but not miss the fun.

  • Lower-Sugar Wine - We love having a glass of wine or two with our backyard dinner, but that sugar-induced headache the next day is the worst. But FitVine is a wine company started by fitness enthusiasts that makes wine with less sugar and fewer calories, plus they boost the antioxidant level and reduce the sulfites, so it may leave you feeling better the next morning.
  • Mezcal with Benefits - Mezcal is like tequila’s clean-eating cousin and Gem & Bolt's Mexican-made mezcal is made with 100% organic, fair trade, and sustainably grown agave, creating a cleaner, purer liquor.
  • Beer Spritzer - It combines trendy flavored seltzer with good old beer and Harpoon UFO’s Blueberry Lemonade Beer is made with Polar Seltzer and only has 4.8% alcohol by volume per can, compared to the average of 5.9% in craft beers, so you can sip in the summer sun.
  • Superdry Cider - If you’ve ever overdone it on super-sweet hard cider, you may have sworn off them for good. But some ciders aren’t sweet, like Golden State Cider's Bay Brut, which is actually unsweet and made with Champagne yeast. They ferment it until the sugar is all gone, creating a bone dry, refreshing cider.
  • Table Beer - The Hoppy Table Beer from Allagash is perfect for day drinking because it’s only 4.8% alcohol by volume. It’s a traditional Belgian-style “table beer” - which means it can be enjoyed throughout the meal without putting you under the table.
  • Kombucha Hybrid - You had to know alcoholic kombucha was coming, as popular as the fermented tea is and Boochcraft did it. They take a typical batch of kombucha and give it a secondary fermentation to increase the alcohol to 7%. Plus, it has live probiotics, so it’s good for your gut health.
  • Clear Rum - Dark boozes, like bourbon and rum, are higher in congeners, naturally occurring compounds in alcohol that play a role in making a hangover worse. Batiste Rhum starts with pure, non-GMO sugar cane juice that’s distilled once, resulting in a smooth and hangover-free rum, but moderation is still key.


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