Dominos Will Come To Your Town & Fill Potholes To Keep Pizzas Safe

Domino’s is filling-in potholes across the U.S. with a new ‘Paving for Pizza' initiative. The company announced that it will help “smooth the ride home” for pizza deliveries by making pothole repairs in towns nominated by their customers. Domino’s is offering to fill ‘cracks, bumps and potholes’ to smooth road conditions. Domino’s has already been working with four municipalities to help repair potholes on roads, including Bartonville, Texas, Milford, Delaware, Athens, Georgia, and Burbank, California. In Milford, Domino’s says it helped fix 40 potholes on 10 roads in 10 hours with four crew members. Domino’s customers can nominate their town for pothole repairs on the Paving for Pizza website, and if selected, their city will “receive funds to help repair roads so pizzas make it home safely.”

CLICK HERE to nominate your pothole


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