If You're Looking For A Better Paying Job, I May Have Found You One

These days more and more people are earning a living doing gig work, and while being able to take jobs on your own schedule is great, not all gig jobs pay all that well, or are in high demand.

Well, if you want to rely on gig work listen up. CareerCast has just identified the top gig economy jobs for 2018, and they fall in a wide range of industries, including marketing and public relations, tech jobs, and skilled labor jobs, like plumbers and carpenters.

Ten Best Gig Economy Jobs(pay per hour)

  • Accountant ($37.46)
  • Application Software Developer ($51.30)
  • Carpenter ($23.86)
  • Management Analyst ($44.92)
  • Marketing Manager ($69.30)
  • Multimedia Artist ($36.81)
  • Occupational Therapist ($40.69)
  • Plumber ($27.44)
  • Public Relations Specialist ($32.69)
  • Web Developer ($35.63)

So are you ready to make a job change now after seeing this?

Photo/Getty Images: Ozan Kose


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