'American Pickers' Find The Original Van Aerosmith Used To Tour

The TV show “American Pickers” is responsible for the discovery of Aerosmith's original tour van, found in Western Massachusetts. A recent episode of the History Channel show chronicled the finding of the vehicle on a property in Chesterfield. It was sitting in a field when he bought the place.

Ray Tabano, a founding member of the band, drove out from Sturbridge and confirmed the finding. He was visibly moved during the episode and while authenticating the find said "It certainly looks like it. Oh my goodness gracious. I'm afraid to say how long it is, but it's been like 40 years since we were in this thing. It was like a touring hotel... This is definitely the van. You found it."

The pickers bought the van for 25-thousand dollars.

Photo: Getty Images/Jeff Kravitz


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