A PG 13 Version Of 'Deadpool' Is Hitting Theaters This Holiday Season

Fox will be releasing a PG-13 version of Deadpool 2 this coming holiday season. The formerly R-rated superhero comedy will arrive on December 21st for a limited time in theaters -- with less violence, less sexual innuendos, and less dirty language. Ryan Reynolds took to Twitter to celebrate the news, sharing a Christmas-themed photo of him reading to an adult Fred Savage in a re-creation of The Princess Bride. "Thoughts?" Reynolds wrote to his followers, seemingly asking if Deadpool's story can be told to kids. So far it's unknown if the new cut of the movie will contain any new footage. Insiders say that in addition to a PG-13 cut adding to Deadpool 2's total earnings of $300 million, the move is also a way to prepare the character for the kid-friendly Marvel Cinematic Universe now that Disney owns Fox.

Photo: Getty Images


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