What Do You Think The Most Popular Candy Is In Oklahoma

With Halloween less than a week away folks better run to the store to get their candy for trick or treaters unless they want to be left with the stuff nobody wants. So, what candies do most people prefer to hand out? Well, turns out, it depends on where you live.

Online bulk candy seller The Candy Store has come out with their annual list of the most popular Halloween candy in each state, and while some candies, like Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups, Candy Corn and Skittles, are preferred in a lot of states, there are some places that don’t confirm to the norm.

For example, folks in Connecticut are big fans of Almond Joys, while those in Louisiana love Lemonheads, and Hot Tamales are big in Indiana, North Dakota and Virginia. Another odd favorite? Salt Water Taffy, which is the most popular in Nebraska and Washington.

 Check out some of the most popular candy per state and click here to see the complete list.

Photo: Getty Images


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