So....Sausage Scented Wrapping Paper Is A Thing??

Do you have a meat lover in your life that really needs something extra special to complete their Christmas gift this year?

Then have we got something for you ... sausage scented wrapping paper.

That's right! Somewhere out in the wild and crazy world right now is sausage-scented Christmas wrapping paper. 

And the best part is it's free. 

Jimmy Dean, the country singer and breakfast sausage afficianado is currently running the Jimmy Dean Recipe Gift Exchange offer where  fans pick a recipe provided at to cook. Once they make the dish, they then just take a picture and upload it to After they submit their pic, they then just slect which one of several free gifts ythey would like to receive.

It really is that easy, although they do say that supplies will be limited. 

Apart from the wrapping paper, there is also a glass Christmas tree ornament shaped like a packaged Jimmy Dean sausage, an “ugly Christmas sweater” printed apron and a vinyl Christmas album recorded by Jimmy Dean himself in 1965 that fans can chhose. 

The company said one participant will also win a $10,000 diamond-studded belt buckle inspired by Jimmy Dean’s famous signature belt buckle.

Not going to lie, I'd be pretty excited to get a gift wrapped in sausage scented paper. 

Photo: Getty Images


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