Your Favorite Beer Says A Lot About Your Personality

A new study of 1,000 beer drinkers found that the type of beer you prefer may actually reveal a lot more than you thinkabout your personality. For instance, lager drinkers are more likely to describe their ideal Saturday night as going out with friends, while ale drinkers lean more towards curling up on the couch and hanging out with Netflix. Interestingly, lager drinkers report higher stress levels than ale drinkers, which may be because they report that they’re more likely to work hard and show up on time for work. But despite that, ale drinkers are the more likely bunch to say they’re happy with their job and leading a fulfilling life overall. But no matter what they prefer, beer drinkers tend to be a bit set in their ways, as the average beer drinker hasn’t switched up their favorite beer in four years.

Photo: Getty Images/Helen H. Richardson


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