Was Your Resolution To Stop Swearing? This Can Help

1. Replace the swears.

Challenge yourself by finding creative ways to replace your curse words. You can use the generic, every day "fudge" or "shoot," or you can get really wild with it and come up something totally unique. Odds are, the more ridiculous it sounds, the more likely you'll be able to completely eradicate your cursing altogether!

2. Get some help from a friend.

Most of the time we can't really catch ourselves slipping up on the cusses, so enlist the help of a friend to call you out when things go awry. They can point it out to you in the form of a sound, clap, code words, or even slap or punch -- if you're close like that. Sometimes teamwork makes the dream work. 

3. Ask yourself, would grandma like this?

If your grandma is the kind to play it fast and loose with her swears then maybe think of someone a little more conservative, but if she likes to keep it clean then think of her! Thinking of someone you wouldn't want to offend is a great way to curb your cursing, and your lightly offensive material in general. 

4. Train your brain!

Its ok to slip every so often, but when you do think about what you could have said instead. When you think of it, repeat it over and over and science shows that you'll train your brain to fix it the next time!

5. Use the traditional Swear Jar method.

The long-proven method of eliminating your dirty words gets you right where it hurts, your wallet.  Drop an f-bomb, drop a dollar in the swear jar. Set a goal for yourself, make it through the week and see where you're at in the jar! 

[h/t Mental Floss]

Photo: Getty Images/Bloomberg


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