Some Facts Of Life People Refuse To Listen To

There are certain facts that would make life easier if folks would only choose to accept them, but unfortunately many people just don’t. As for what those facts are, well folks on Reddit have chimed in.

It all started when someone asked users,What’s a real fact that some people don’t want to accept?,” and social media certainly didn’t hold their tongue.

Facts folks refuse to accept include:

  • “Not everyone is going to like you."
  • “Being right about one thing doesn't make you right about everything."
  • "Everybody thinks they are the hero of their story, even the villains."
  • "Many people don't wash their hands in the bathroom, unless they see someone else in the bathroom."
  • "Just because you're shouting, doesn't mean you're correct."
  • “Trolls don't hate you. They just try to stir you up to get a reaction. If anything they're just bored people who sit behind a screen."
  • "All the Froot Loops are the same flavor."
  • "Life isn't fair, and sometimes bullcrap happens for no reason when you did nothing wrong."
  • “People don't dislike you because you're honest, they dislike you because you're an a++hole."
  • "Your belly button used to be your mouth."
  • “Just because they’re family, doesn’t mean they’re nice people."


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