Tiger Woods Watching People Say He Would Never Win Again. Look At Him Now


It's no secret that Tiger Woods won The Masters yesterday afternoon. It's his 5th Green Jacket. So the video above is really sad to me. I have a friend named Mickey. This guy has been a Tiger fan since I've known him. I found out yesterday that he's actually liked him since his first video games came out. So when people would talk down about Tiger, he would always be the guy that stuck up for him. We all know that Tiger has had his not so flattering moments during his long career. I get that, but you need to remember that's his business. So lets fast forward to 2019. People all week kept saying "there is no way Tiger can win." or "Why is he even trying?" Then you watch him win....and now you're a fan. I watched a guy yesterday (who didn't cry at his own wedding...his wife would love for me to make sure you know that. haha) was getting hugs, and high fives from all of his friends who knew just how much this golfer meant to him. It was actually a really beautiful moment. I shook his hand and told him I'm happy for him. I found a video shortly after the win, and shared it with Mickey and some friends. Everyone that has watched it, has got goose bumps. Check it out.


Yes, I know that Nike was just waiting for the moment, if it were going to happen again, to press submit on that video. But it still is really powerful and should show you that if you can dream it, it can happen. No matter what anyone says to you.

Congrats Tiger. I'll always remember where I was when I saw you win number 5, and I'll keep my fingers crossed that you will get 6 someday.

Chase your dreams no matter what haters say. The only reason you can't, is because you don't.


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