Grocery Store Secrets That Will Gross You Out

Most of us hit the supermarket at least once a week, and while we rely on our local grocery for most of our shopping goods, it turns out that market may be hiding secrets they don’t want us to know about.

Well, now folks who’ve worked at supermarkets are spilling the beans on the secrets of the industry, and some of them are downright gross. A recent Reddit thread had grocery store employees fessing up to things customers don't know, and it may make you think twice before you ever go shopping again.

Supermarket secrets include:

  • “The only thing that washes a shopping cart is rain. And we do haul trash bags in them."
  • "Apples can be stored in proper conditions for close to a year and still be sold at the supermarket. So that apple you’re buying in May is most likely from sometime the year prior."
  • "I work in retail bakery. We don’t make anything from scratch. Everything comes in frozen. We just bake it or thaw them out before putting them on the shelves. Cakes are pre-made; we just put on the icing and decorations."
  • "If you ask an employee to check in the back for a product, nine times out of 10 they just walk back there, wait a couple minutes, and walk back out to tell you they don’t have any more."
  • "Every grocery store in existence has some kind of animal presence in the store. It may be roaches, mice, or flies. Just because you don't see them doesn't mean they aren't there."
  • "The motorized carts get peed in a lot and they don't get cleaned. We run a cloth over it, but not like deep-cleaned."
  • "It just isn’t feasible to make all that chicken salad and stuff every day. That sh*t will sit out there for over a week before they make more. We were told to always lie to customers about the freshness of our food."
  • "The ice cream and frozen food has probably completely melted or thawed multiple times from sitting on a dolly in the backroom."
  • "The conveyor belt that you put your items on is so, so, so dirty."

Photo: Getty Images/Bloomberg


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