Here's How You Get Your Pet To Take The Perfect Instagram Photo

If you want to showcase your pup in outfits or even in a super cute setting there are tricks to make it happen… but… you should never force Fido into it.Russell Hartsteinis a professional dog trainer and that’s his number one rule. He also notes that you should never shine a light in their face.

Here are your secrets to getting good social media shots of your doggo:

  • Have treats handy.
  • Ask a friend to help you.
  • Consider using a leash.
  • Get silly with them.
  • Use peanut butter. Want your pup to kiss your cheek? Dab on the irresistible treat.
  • Get them comfy with the props.
  • Try something unfamiliar to get get their attention. A bell, a crinkling water bottle…
  • Keep the location familiar.


Photo: Getty images/Hindustan Times


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