Drinks You Can Order If You Want To Upset Your Bartender

So with the holiday weekend coming, you might find yourself hitting a few bars for drinks. But have you ever thought about that drink you're ordering? Like does it make your bartender upset because your drink is a pain in the butt to make. So what orders really upset your bartender? Here is a list from Business Insider on the drinks they hate the most

Don’t order a filthy martini with a top-shelf spirit. Good booze can “stand on its own” and she bets you wouldn’t be able to tell a martini with the “good stuff” from the well brand. That goes for any mixed drink, for that matter.

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Don’t order “shaken” martinis. They’re stirred for a reason

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Never order a Slippery Nipple. EVER

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Don’t tell the bartender to “make whatever (they) want.” Water out of the spritz-gun is easiest, to be honest.

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Here are a few added tips:

Ice doesn’t go in wine.

Diet Coke doesn’t go in rum.

Don’t order specific drinks and then change the recipe by switching the main liquor for vodka or adding an egg to it.

If you ask a bartender for a suggestion, don’t just blow it off. Even if it doesn’t appeal to you, don’t be rude.

If you order in “fingers” don’t be surprised if you find yourself getting a “finger” back in private.

Unless you want to get mocked relentlessly, don’t order a “Tito’s with vodka.” Seriously, you'll look dumb

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