Sum 41 Get Political With '45 (A Matter Of Time)' Video: Watch



With Sum 41's upcoming album Order In Decline's release date a mere week away, the punk rockers have given us another taste on what to expect — and it's the most political track yet. "45 (A Matter Of Time)" is about the United State's current president, and its music video mirrors the band's thoughts by depicting a literal cartoon character candidate by the name of "Cosmo."

"I, believe that I, am losing faith/ In all of human kind, but then I realize/ It’s plain to see, that a number is just all you are to me" frontman Deryck Whibley sings during the chorus while the video's protagonist stands up to Cosmo supporters at a rally, asking how they can stand behind him.

"45 (A Matter Of Time)" follows other sociopolitical singles "Out For Blood"and "A Death In The Family,", as well as the deeply personal ballad "Never There."Order In Decline is slated for a July 19 release. Watch the "45 (A Matter Of Time" video below.

Despite the seemingly political nature of the album, Whibley considers it more of a personal project than a political one.

“I’m not going to write a protest record,” he bluntly told Alternative Press in a recent interview. “I’m not going to talk about specific policies and trying to change the world or impeach the president and all of this kind of stuff. But I can talk about how I don’t like [Trump]. I can talk about my own personal feelings, I guess. If I have some sort of anger, I can write an angry song, but I’m not necessarily saying time’s up. We need to impeach the president. A lot of people are. There’s a whole movement of trying to go down that road, and I support that route to a certain degree. I’m all for voting him out, but yeah, he’s not my kind of guy.”

Photo: Getty Images