Uber Driver Offers Experience Menu For Rider Experience

I've driven Uber to pay for a cruise for my family in the past, and it was pretty fun. I had all the charging cords, cold water, and snacks for his riders so he would get a good rating. But this guy from Fairbanks, Alaska takes the cake. He's offering his riders a "Ride Menu" so they can customize their ride experience. The picture of the menu has been shared to Reddit several times. But if you missed it here are some of the options he's offering.

  • "The Road Rage Ride,"which allowed him to complain about other cars on the road.
  • “The Life Lessons Ride,”in which the driver provided his rider with pieces of advice.
  • “The Analyst Ride,”where the driver offers a “sympathetic ear” to help them with their problems.
  • “The Restaurant Ride,”where he offers suggestions and recommendations on where to go to eat.
  • “The Simon and Garfunkel Ride,”– this offers “Sounds of Silence” meaning, a no-talking ride. 

Other rides include “The Informative Ride,” offering all he knows about Alaska, the “ME Ride,” where he talks about himself and “The Political Ride,” although he notes, "I can't change your mind and you can't change mine."

I think personally I would like the Road Rage Ride. I love watching other people melt down. Which ride would you choose??

Photo: Getty Images/Hero Images


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