Here's How You Can Make $1k For Drinking Coffee

Photo: Getty Images/Enter89

Do you want to get paid to drink coffee, or any coffee drink? How would you like to get paid $1000 for the gig?? Like with everything, there is a catch, there's always a catch, and this one might be a deal breaker. You can get your coffee at any of your favorite spots like Starbucks, or Dunkin, and says they'll pay you to ditch them for a month to get their fix at a locally owned coffee shop. You still in?

For the job, you'll need to go to at least 8 locally owned coffee shops in a month, take pics of your orders, and write up a review on your visits. Best part is they'll pay you $250 up front so you can buy your favorite beverages, and then you'll get the rest of your cash at the end of the month. No drug tests or background check are required, so it's literally open for any coffee drinker to apply. Applications will be accepted through September 30th. Sign upHERE


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