Mark Hoppus Addresses Blink-182's Show Cancellations

Bethesda E3 2016 Showcase And BE3 Plus Event

Bethesda E3 2016 Showcase And BE3 Plus Event

Blink-182 and Lil Wayne were supposed to start their joint tour in Columbus, Ohio in June, but "unforeseen production delays" caused the date to get rescheduled to September 22. Earlier this month, it was announced that the date would be cancelled all together. The band also said it would reschedule its show in El Paso after a mass shook the town, but didn't. Naturally fans were not happy, and Mark Hoppus personally addressed one particularly frustrated follower on Instagram.

"I hear you and understand that you’re upset. The Columbus cancellation was beyond anyone in the band’s control. We were told, not asked. Sucks that it’s happened so often to one city. We try and do the best for all our fans," he wrote. "Regarding El Paso, I don’t deserve a lecture from anyone. I was in the city on my way to that mall with my wife and son when the shooting happened, and spent the day locked in our hotel room with the intercom saying there may be a second shooter across the street. There was no way we were going to play a show the next day. That would’ve been the ultimate disrespect, and to be honest I was probably too shaken to play the next day."

"We weren’t able to schedule a timely make-up show, so rather than keep people’s ticket money for months until we can return, we cancelled, so people can get their money back and decide next time we’re able to come through if they want to come to the show," he continued. "I hope they do. We’re heartbroken over the entire thing. Since day one we’ve always tried to do right by our fans, which is why I think so many have stayed fans these many years. We appreciate you and your support of our band, and hope to see you in Columbus next time. Namaste."

Check out the interaction below (via Rock Sound).

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