These Are The Top Sings You're In Need Of A Vacation

Photo: Getty Images/Gradyreese

There comes a time when even the most happiest person or best worker thinks they've hit the wall and are in need of a vacation bad. So what are some of the signs? Well, according to a new poll, American's say "I need a vacation" about 3 times a week and one of the most common signs is they need a break is stress at work. (42%) other common signs include:

  • Fatigue (40%)
  • Parental or family stress (38%)
  • Difficult commute (34%)
  • Oversleeping the alarm (33%)
  • Bad weather (33%)
  • Minor cold and sicknesses (32%)
  • A relationship ended (31%)
  • Disagreeing with a colleague (30%)
  • Friendship drama (28%) 

But as much as people may need a vacation, not everyone has the luxury of taking one. In fact, the survey finds that 26% of Americans haven’t taken a vacation in the last year, while 30% haven’t even gone on a weekend getaway.


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