You Ready For Halloween Candy?? Your Hips Might Not Be

Photo: Getty Images/Picture Alliance

So you're all about your Halloween candy right?? Well you might want to think about how many calories there are in each piece and how hard you need to work to work them off. Check this out.

  • Fun size Milky Way- Platkin calculates that you’ll need to spend 27 minutes getting ready for your night out by doing your hair, putting on makeup, and getting your costume ready to burn off the 80 calories in this treat.

  • York Peppermint Pattie- Grab your bike helmet because Platkin says you’ll need to ride 10 to 12 miles per hour for around seven and a half minutes to burn off these 53 calories.

  • Smarties- At 25 calories a roll, Platkin estimates you could burn them off in just four minutes … but you’ll have to spend them chopping firewood with an ax.

  • Candy Corn- A bag of the classic Halloween candy with 26 pieces contains about 140 calories, which you can burn off easily while marching for 48 minutes.

  • Peeps Chocolate-Covered Pumpkins- These chocolatey-marshmallow goodies clock in at about 120 calories and according to Platkin’s calculations, you can work that off with some yard work. Raking leaves for about 26 minutes will do the trick.

  • Hershey's Kisses- Kisses are only about 22 calories each, so if you can manage to eat just one, you can burn it off jumping up and down from your seat 114 times during a scary movie.

  • Charms Blow Pop or Tootsie Pop- These popular lollipops each contain about 60 calories, and you can work that off by chasing your children for nearly 13-minutes straight.

  • Twizzlers- Each strawberry Twizzler contains about 40 calories and Platkin says if you’re in a decorating mood, you can work that off by decorating non-stop for almost 10 minutes. And that’s really a win-win because your house will look more festive when you’re finished.


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