What Are The Worst Candies For Your Teeth??

Photo: Getty Images/Mphillips007

Halloween is finally here, and everyone knows that this holiday isn't just about the scares. It's about the candy!! Which normally means extra brushing and flossing (not the dance, there is plenty of that) might be needed after all those treats. Dentists say some sweets are actually worse for your teeth than others. I'm sure it's the delicious treats like Butterfingers or those candy that come in the black and orange wrappers because they stick to your teeth and never come off. Dentists say that's exactly it because the candy is in constant contact with your teeth and the sugar activates cavity causing bacteria. So what are the worst candies for your teeth? Here you go

The five worst Halloween candies for your teeth are:

5) Sour Patch Kids

4) Caramel chews

3) Laffy Taffy

2) Gummy worms

1) Butterfinger

Now I know these may be you're favorites, just keep in mind everything is good in small amounts, but that advice is for suckers...not the candy.


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