What Are The Top 10 Fattest States In The US?

Photo: Getty Images/Anna Bizon/EyeEm

We all could use a few lbs. A LOT of people in the country are overweight. So WalletHub reports which states are the fattest. So where do we fall on that list?

The Top Ten “Fattest” States In The Country

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  1. Mississippi
  2. West Virginia
  3. Kentucky
  4. Tennessee
  5. Alabama
  6. Oklahoma
  7. Louisiana
  8. Arkansas
  9. Delaware
  10. Ohio

A few other notes from the study:

  • Nevada is the state with the highest percentage of overweight adults, while District of Columbia has the lowest.
  • West Virginia has the highest percentage of obese adults, while Colorado has the lowest
  • Tennessee has the highest percentage of overweight children, while Louisiana has the lowest.
  • Mississippi as the highest percentage over obese children, while Minnesota has the lowest



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