Here Are The Top Ten Product Fails Of The Last Decade

Photo: Getty Images/Justin Sullivan

So we all know the main goal for a company that produces products is to get us to buy them. Sometimes it's something that the public must have, and other times....not so much. With that being said, sometimes the products companies develop don't go over that well with the public.

24/7 Wall Street just came out with a list of the Biggest Product Flops of the Past Decade, and many of these products cost companies millions, or even billions of dollars.

So did you own any of these? I think the only one I've tried has been Burger King's Satisfries, but check out the full top ten list of the top fails from the last decade

Top Ten Product Flops Of All Time

(click hereto see the Top 25)

  1. Google Glass (Google)
  2. Home (Facebook)
  3. “Mars Needs Moms” (Disney)
  4. Palm Phone (Palm Inc)
  5. Satisfries (Burger King)
  6. Fiat 500 (Fiat Chrysler Automotive)
  7. “Meghan Kelly Today” (NBC)
  8. Nintendo Wii U (Nintendo)
  9. HP Touchpad (Hewlett-Packard)
  10. 3D TV (Panasonic, LG, Samsung, etc.)

Did you own any of these?


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