Stuff From Grandma's House Could Be Trendy Again

Photo: Getty Images/Oleg Golovnev

You know you remember the smell of grandma's house. You remember the couch, that easy chair, and some of the fun stuff she kept on her table. But did you know that some of her home decor is making a comeback now?? Yes, "Grandmilennial" is a new style and these are some of the retro items that are having a moment right now/

  • Fake plants- The ones your granny had may have looked really plastic, but today’s faux flowers and greenery are much more realistic looking. And the best part? You can’t kill them, no matter how bad a plant parent you are.
  • Quilted throws- Colorful designs in a rainbow of shades inspired by handmade vintage quilts are in again and you can drape one over the sofa just like your grandparents did.
  • Recliners- They’ve come a long way in style from the La-Z-Boys of our youth and you can’t beat just pushing back and kicking your feet up.
  • Chintz- This patterned fabric is back in style on everything from curtains to wallpaper to an ottoman.
  • Round pintuck pillows- Remember those velvet pillows that decorated your grandma’s sofa? They’re popular again and add a retro touch without being too kitschy.
  • Slipcovers- Before you roll your eyes, today’s sofa slipcovers are not the old-fashioned ones with ruffles from the 80s. They come in tons of patterns and styles and can give your old couch a new life for a small price.
  • Beaded curtains- This nostalgic accessory has a hippie vibe and people are into it once again.
  • Shag rugs- Wall-to wall carpeting is so dated, but big, fuzzy rugs? They’re trendy again and easy to move when you’re ready for a change.


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