Billy Joel Finds Abandoned Piano During Motorcycle Ride And Stops To Play

(Photo by Matthew Peyton/Getty Images)

Via Billy Joel was supposed to play Fenway Park for the 7th straight Summer on August 28th, but then the world of concerts went on hold because of Coronavirus.

Maybe to clear his mind, the Piano Man hopped on one of his Harley Davidson's for a ride around his native Long Island on a beautiful Summer day. That's when he spotted an upright piano abandoned on the curb. Out of curiosity, or a desire to save a piano from the trash heap, he jumped off his bike and started banging out Shelton Brooks,' "Darktown Strutters' Ball." Luckily, a fan spotted him, and caught the impromptu street corner concert on his phone.

After tickling the ivories Billy tells the guy, “Not bad. The action is good. It just needs tuning and the finish is beat. But, it’s a perfectly good piano. It’s a shame to throw it out, should at least be donated to St. Vincent de Paul or something.”

An abandoned piano that has now been played by a multi platinum, five time Grammy Award winning, Rock and Roll Hall of Famer! You just know someone has grabbed this off the street by now. Check out the video.