Teens Are Dressing Up As Masked Grannies To Buy Booze. And It Works!

Via nypost.com. The eternal quest of underage teens across America. How do you buy booze if you're under 21? My buddies and I used to hang outside the packy waiting for some adult who looked, "friendly," to go in and buy beer for us.

Generation Z has discovered that in a pandemic, no one can tell you're underage. They've skipped the fake ID phase and have found success dressing up as Grandmas wearing Coronavirus masks to buy liquor. Tik Tok videos of these thirsty, made up, elderly people, have millions of views, with tips on how to be successful.

One video shows a blond girl getting wrinkles drawn on with makeup. Then we see the made-up Grandma using a walker in a parking lot, clutching a bottle of pink liquid, wearing a baggy sweater, wire-rimmed glasses and a babushka headscarf.She, "tried to talk as little as possible but she was like a little croaky,” she said. The “old lady” was apparently not asked to show an ID, and according to a caption by the poster, the store owner “was worried she wouldn’t b[e] able to carry [the bottles] here self.”

Of course EVERYBODY should wait until their 21 to drink...but, damn.