Westport 20 Year Old Becomes Famous For His 6 Inch Thumb!


Via boston.com. Twenty year old Jacob Pina of Westport has close to a million followers on Tik Tok thanks to, his thumb. He thought his thumb wasn't unusual until his high school friends started joking about it. Now he has the last laugh with millions of views of his videos showing off his 6 inch thumb!

“It’s weird on my hand,” he said. “It’s out of place. All my fingers are long, so when I stretch out my hand it kind of looks normal. But when I stick it up, it looks crazy.” He says to achieve this crazy length he has to dislocate the thumb, but that it doesn't hurt.

If he makes a bar bet that no one else in the room has a longer thumb than him, he will drink for free the rest of his life! Check it out...